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Post by Magister on September 14th 2013, 2:08 pm

This is a topic for frequently asked questions. If you have anything you'd like to be add, just send Magister a PM. If a question isn't on here, check the site rules, other help topics, or even the WP shop. If it isn't anywhere, PM a Staff member or make a topic in the Help Section.

About Posting
How many posts do I need to PM?
You need 20 posts to be able to PM.
How come I still see people double-posting?
Double posting is okay as long as the posts are at least 24 hours apart. Unless you have a good excuse (which is rare), there are no exceptions. Use the edit button if you want to add on or change anything.
What counts as spam?
Spam is simply anything three words or under; however, you should never take advantage of this rule in any way. Use your own judgement to determine whether or not the post is necessary.

About Groups
How do the groups work?
Being in a group on RCF does not in any way influence your characters in the roleplaying worlds. Simply choose a group that you can connect to, for example, one made about on of your favorite series. When the Official Roleplays come around, the members in each group will almost always come together to either form something or help each other. (Ex. Forming Warrior Cats Clans.)
How do I join a group?
Under the banner, there is a navbar with buttons like Home and Profile. There's one that says "Groups". Select the one you'd like to join, and then you wait, because the leader is the one who accepts members into their group.
[How] Can I switch groups?
You are allowed to switch groups. Simply go to the legend at the bottom of the homepage, above the chatbox, and click your group. There should be an "unsubscribe" button. Then, you can just use the same method as shown above to join a different group. However, you should avoid switching often or too many times, because it's not appreciated by other members including the leaders. Remember, they get to decide whether or not you're joining the group in the end.
I joined a group, so why don't I have the badge?
The badge is not automatic. You have to PM an admin to get your badge, or let one of the staff members know.
Can I be in more than one group?
You can only be in one group because otherwise the situation will become too confusing when groups band together in the Official  RPGs. Staff groups do not count as extra groups, though those are closed groups meaning they only invite members and don't accept requests.

About Rules
Can I make an account for my sibling(s)?
Absolutely. As long as you yourself do not have more than one account, it's okay.
Will this site work in other countries?
Yes, you just need Internet connection to access the site.
What is the warning level (for)?
Your warning level, measured by the colour of your bar, represents how many offenses you've made/the severity of the offense. There are different colours it could be:
Green: You haven't broken the rules.
Yellow: You committed a minor offense (e.g spamming)
Orange: You've either done the same thing again, even after a reminder, or you broke a minor rule.
Red: You have broke an important rule even after reminders/warnings.
Banned: Pretty self-explanatory.
*Warning level can be bought back to green with UC. Details are found at the General Store.

About Me
What is Reputation?
It's basically what it says. It's not a status or "level of popularity", but the number increases if people like your posts or thank you.
What are Universal Currency (UC) and what can I do with them?
Universal Currency is the “money” of this forum. You can use them to buy many interesting things. Click here to see your options.
What is Attack Power?
AP is your strength in battle; the more you have, the more skilled you are in Official RPG battles: When two characters are fighting, the one with the higher AP wins (unless something has been arranged between the two users).
Why is my UC/Reputation in the negatives?
Reputation can be decreased if people dislike your posts. The button is hidden (this fact changes from time to time). You cannot buy reputation.
If you're not sure why your UC is down, it's either a glitch or sometimes you can be fined UC for a minor offence. If you don't have enough UC for something, it can go into negatives and you can slowly earn it back.

How To
How do I make a signature?
You have to click "Profile", which can be found under the banner. There will be a sub-button that says "signature". It should be next to "avatar". Don't forget to click save!
How do I earn reputation?
You gain reputation from people liking your posts or thanking you.
How do I earn UC?
The answer is in the UC Shop, but since not many people look there, it’s being written here too. You earn UC by posting, rewards (special events/contests), making topics, and/or getting thanked for a post.
How do I gain more AP?
You can buy AP with UC at the General Store, and sometimes during special events, it is given out as a reward/prize. Starting AP for new members is 10. 000.
How do I make a poll?
When creating a topic, it's under the "Preview" and "Send" buttons. As a note for poll makers, line breaks just mean pressing the Enter key twice to create a space between options.
How do I insert an image?
You must first copy the image URL off of the picture. It's found by right-clicking the image.
[img] Picture URL Here[/img]
How do I post a video?
Very similar to image hosting, except you paste the video URL in this code instead:
[youtube] Video URL Here [/youtube]
How do I make a click-through link?
If you don't know what I mean, it's one of those "click here" things.
To do that, you simply use this code:
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