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Art Gallery Example!

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Art Gallery Example!

Post by Magister on September 19th 2013, 9:58 pm

Decided that you want to show-off your artworks or take requests for more drawings? Look no further, make a new topic in this forum. :)Keep in mind that this is merely an example, no one has to follow this setup exactly.

Put your introduction paragraph first! Maybe a brief description on what kind of art you do, why you decided to create a gallery, if you're taking requests or not, if others can take your drawings and repost them somewhere else, etc.

Next, show some art examples that you've already created. People like to see what exact style you draw, and it's a good way to show off if you're looking to take requests from others. List them from Oldest to Newest, or from Newest to Oldest. Don't forget to place all images in spoilers! Pictures take up a lot of space and may create lag/freezing/other-technical-issues for others if your page contains too many open images. You can list all finished request here as well; organize everything in any way you wish.

Or if you're still confused, visit the FAQ by clicking here!)

A quick, easy way to obtain all the information you need for requests is to create a sample template for all orders! Keep it simple but make it so it you will know everything you need to know to create the drawing. (Username, style of drawing, contents, background, etc.)

Finally, for the convenience of solely you, keep a "Waiting List" with the filled-out templates of other people's requests. Now if you need to reference back, it's all there in the first post and there is no need to rake back several pages looking for the form.

Remember that this format is not required! If you have a particular way with doing things, please do so if you want. For those who wish to have a visual example of the gallery format, click the spoiler labeled "Art Gallery Example" below. Happy drawing, Guest!

Art Gallery Example:
My gallery will be made up of edited images from the Internet and sketches. (Coloring isn't my thing.) Due to my incompetence on drawing pictures on the computer, I will have to draw them on actual paper, scan, and post it here. Please don't repost or use my edits/drawings anywhere else, even if you give credit. Ask for permission first~!

**Edits can be any picture**

Edited-Image Request Form

**Drawings can be anything**

Drawing Request Form

**Digital Art can be anything**

Digital Art Request Form
Underline one: Animal   Object    Landscape   Other

Edited-Images (Oldest to Newest)

Apocalypse the Wolf:
Quote Cat:
We Meet and Part:
The Breezy Lifestyle Storybook:

Drawings/Sketches (Oldest to Newest)

Horse, Free:
Random Cat:
Air Gear!:
The Brave:
The Sprited:
The Disco Cow:
Young Brightstar:
DF Banner:

Fallen Angel:

Digital Art (Oldest to Newest)

#1 Try- Flower:
#3 Try- Wolf Eye:

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