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Post by Requiem on September 10th 2013, 5:31 pm

Have you earned any UniversalCurrency lately? You can use them to purchase goods and services! UC can be earned through 1) making posts, 2) creating topics, 3) membership + posting in Platinum Club (must be purchased), 4) getting Thanked for your post, 5) playing the official RPGs.

Attack Power
1UC per point
Attack Power Packages:
5000 Attack Power for 4500UC
10,000 Attack Power for 8000UC
15,000 Attack Power for 13,500UC
30,000 Attack Power for 20,000UC
55,000 Attack Power for 40,000UC
80,000 Attack Power for 60,000UC
130,000 Attack Power for 80,000UC
200,000 Attack Power for 100,000UC
Increase your attack power to show off your rank and prestige. As an added bonus, gain an upper edge in Official RPGs!

Custom Smiley
Add a smiley however you want it! You can choose the smiley name and the smiley code. Inappropriate smilies or codes that break Site Rules will be refused. Note: Smiley can be used by everyone

Name Change
Change your username
(Note: Any inclusion of out-of-range, special characters will increase cost to 1000UC)

Platinum Club Membership (Leaders and Moderators Have Auto-Access)
Access to the Platinum Club forum, increased UC gain for posts/topics, secret UC drops, random giveaways, extra prizes and more!

Purchase A Group (Existing Leaders May Not Purchase Another)
Buy your own group! Choose a Group Badge, receive a Group forum and more! Private message Magister for further details.

Lower Warning Level
500UC (per level).
Please note that even if you pay for the warning level to go up, administrators and moderators will still be able to see the offenses you have made in the past and you will not be excused if you make the offense again, even if your warning bar is green.

Link Your RP/Announcement Thread On Main Page
1000 UC
Display a link to your topic on the main page for 5 days. Each additional day after is 50UC.

Extra Options for Leaders:

Group Color Change (Leaders Only!)

Group Name Change (Leaders Only!)

Group Badge Change (Leaders Only!)

Subforum for Group Forum (Leaders Only!)
All group Leaders are given a free group forum. You can add more forums inside your group's forum!

Extra Group Rank (Leaders Only!)
Add an extra, customized rank. Please provide the rank title. Leaders can choose to give the title to anyone under their jurisdiction.
A Group leader may purchase up to 3 extra ranks.

How to Spend UC:

Create a topic/thread with details of your request or send Magister a private message. A PM will be the quickest and easiest way to reach her. She will respond as soon as possible to your requests. Thanks Wink

Transferring UC between members:

RCF Administrators reserve the right to deny any transfer of UC between members at any time. However, members may purchase items in the Shop for other members under any circumstance.

Last Updated 9/10/13
Note: All prices subject to change without notice.
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