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Broken Rules Examples

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Broken Rules Examples  Empty Broken Rules Examples

Post by Requiem on September 12th 2013, 5:22 pm

Welcome to RCF, new members! If you’re confused about the rules or just want clarification, this is the place to look! Here, you can find examples of posts, topics and members that have broken the rules and have been banned/had their posts or topics moved to the Prison. The Prison forum is where posts and topics offending the rules are moved away from the other boards.It is also used to store old topics that no one has posted on for a very long time.

Examples of Broken Rules:

Links To Other Websites & Other Website URLs Are Not Allowed
[quote=”Name Withheld” I saw a video. This linky!

This post has broken a very important rule. While breaking this rule may seem like an okay first mistake since many other forums allow linking, this rule is in law to protect members from spam and inappropriate content. This rule is enforced very strictly; if you post a link just once, your account and services will be banned immediately!

Advertising is Prohibited
Name Withheld wrote: A war of four Clans rages on Great Circle Island, an almost round island off the coast of North America. But there is no gunfire or screams of the wounded soldiers-- But the snarls of the evil, and the glorious victory cries of the valiant. It is not human- but wolf.

Joins us or fight against us.

This is a wolf roleplay, not recommended for the squeamish. It is based on four Clans of wolves, that are at a constant war, ever since the four Great Wolves of the North, West, East, and South battled. Some parts are undone. First to ask are the Clan leaders.

(And no, I'm not just here in your community to advertise. I promised a friend I'd advertise this site. So I picked here after I joined, finding it to be so popular. It's a wolf roleplay.)

Double/Multiple Accounts
RCF has zero tolerance in the creation of double/multiple accounts. All extra accounts will be banned immediately upon discovery and consequences may include but are not limited to permanent ban of the main account and/or banning of IP addresses.

No “Rolling” Conversations
Name Withheld wrote:Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:26
"What about MEEEEEEEE?"

Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:27
And where's [someone]?

Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:27
Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:28

Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:28
Just maybe...
Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:28
Someone is at somewhere else special...
Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:29
No, that won't do.
Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:29
Someone must be somewhere else...
Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:29
Re: The Drought
by ********* on Fri 11 Feb - 14:30
Is anyone else online???
If you forgot something in your previous post and no one else has made a post after it, please just edit your last post!

Be courteous
In general, don’t bully other members, even if it is meant as a joke. Written words come across differently than they do in person. For one instance, this one person attacked another member for constant two word posts. These attacks were really vicious, and while the other member was breaking the rules, it was a terrible thing to do and this member was soon getting upset. So please help out our community by being nice to everyone, even if they are breaking the rules. Insulting and attacking them is not the appropriate response; instead, just report their offending posts to the admin or one of our moderators.

No Inappropriate Content
Thankfully, there are no examples to show Y’ALL. This rule includes posting or roleplaying pornography, sex, racial hate, e.t.c. This rule also includes…
“No flaming, harassing, profanity, abusive language or abbreviations, personal attacks, racial, religious, ethnic, or other slurs. No discussions about religion, more adult topics or politics, not even in the Off Topic forum.” –Official Site Rules

Roleplay Rules:

These rules only apply to the RPGs, but please note that all rules mentioned above (General Site Rules) also apply in RPGs!
Since examples of these are so hard to find, I will make up scenarios for the RPG rules.

You Cannot Kill Other Members in RPGs
This also includes attacking other members. Instead, you aim to scratch, bite, e.t.c and the defending member decides if it hits.
RandomCreatedUsers wrote:Chocolatefur: Thistleclaw attacked Hawkleap and raked her claws through his throat, killing him instantly.
Foxdung: Hey! You can’t do that!
You Are Not Super Powerful.
You cannot dodge everything in a fight or have godly powers. Run if you are outnumbered. However, this can change if you have a high attack power. (Attack power can be purchased in the General Store!)

RandomCreatedUsers wrote:Foxdung: Laura punched Blaze, the force of the blow sending him flying into the horizon.
Chocolatefur: That’s just ridiculous!
Don't Roleplay Sex Scenes!
Due to the nature of this rule, there will not be an example. You are also not allowed to discuss politics, religion, hurting yourself and/or others, or any other topic that can be considered sensitive.

No Crazy Powers Unless Included in RPG Plot/Topic!
This includes wings, elemental powers (controlling fire and wind), demons, physic powers (This means that being able to see the future and being able to move objects with your mind are both not allowed), and other skills that are not normal.
RandomCreatedUser wrote:Chocolatefur: Laura felt an incredible pain in her back, and before she knew it, she had sprouted wings!
No God-modding
You cannot control other people’s characters; only your own.
RandomCreatedUsers wrote:Foxdung: Blaze ran away from the battle, his courage completely gone as his rival, Laura emerged from the trees.
Chocolatefur: What do you think you’re doing? Blaze is MY character!
If you notice that a topic you have created is gone, do not panic. The most likely explanation is that it was moved to the prison and the moderator that moved it will likely post in the topic before they move it, explaining why it was moved. If not, ask a moderator or admin. You may not have broken the rules at all; sometimes topics are just moved because they are old and inactive.

I hope you’ve found these examples to be helpful. We enforce the rules to create the best possible and friendly environment for all of our users.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the administrators (Magister or Blaziken), or the Global Moderators Swaggy-McSwaggerton, Azule, or Valentina.

I hope you enjoy your time here on RCF!

Guide written by Magister
Edited by Requiem
RCF Administrator
RCF Administrator

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